AI Resources

We have organized some of the leading news and information resources we follow to help you stay connected to the AI community of thought leadership. 

(spoiler alert:  a few of these recommendations came directly from AI chatbots)

At BrandRank.AI, we're dedicated to being your go-to partner in navigating the AI landscape. In addition to providing the brand dashboard, we frequently enlighten and engage company leaders through consultancy, presentations on AI fundamentals, and unique gamification learning tools like "PromptQuest." 

Beyond our interactive sessions, we pride ourselves on curating top-tier content to fuel your curiosity and enhance your understanding of generative AI. This guide combines our expert selections with suggestions from leading AI search engines, catering to both beginners and aficionados eager to explore generative AI's breadth and depth. Here, you'll find hand-picked introductory articles, influential voices, compelling podcasts, and more to guide your journey. We've highlighted some AI engine favorites for easy reference. 

We will update this list as we go to ensure you are "on top of your game."  If you think we're missing anything obvious, please let us know!

Top Introductory Articles:

Top 10 Influencers:

Top Women AI Influencers:

Top 10-ish Podcasts:

Additional Resources: