Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions about BrandRank.AI and its products and services:

About BrandRank.AI

 Our mission is to help brands measure, protect, and grow trust through the power of AI-driven search and discovery, especially in high-consequence areas such as trust, sustainability, product performance, supply chain integrity, and service. To win in an AI world, brands need to understand, think, and act like algorithms.


BrandRank.AI is a SaaS platform that combines human-centered expertise with AI analytics.  BrandRank.AI is positioned to give Brand leaders an unfair advantage to protect against vulnerabilities and win growth opportunities in Search 2.0. As generative AI reshapes traditional web search dynamics, brands must adopt new strategies to stay ahead.


What is the product?

BrandRank.AI is a cloud-based subscription platform that monitors critical topics for Brand leaders, and provides ongoing recommendations into growth opportunities and crisis prevention. 


How does BrandRank.AI work?

BrandRank.AI monitors and evaluates what the primary Generative AI search engines are saying about your brand.  It does this by LISTENING to Generative AI responses through its proprietary prompt training and monitoring tools, then INTERPRETING those results to create scorecards, benchmarks, and action items.


 What exactly does BrandRank.AI do?

BarndRank is a "mirror" to your brand's presence in the generative AI search domain, and provides analysis and recommendations on how to improve presence and beat competition using mathematical strategies to glean insights.  BrandRank.AI prompts for information about your Brand related to specific topic areas:

·        Brand Competition

·        Brand Vulnerabilities

·        Boiling Point Analysis

·        Sustainability

·        Product Performance

·        Customer Service

·        Customer Sentiment

·        Brand Prognostic Health

·        Future-looking Scenarios

·        Brand Alignment Score

·        Brand Archetypes  


What are the BrandRank methods of analysis?

BrandRank uses sophisticated math heuristics and “human in the loop” expertise to analyze the Generative AI search result information and to create benchmark scoring across these topics. BrandRank.AI then offers recommendations and comparisons to Brand leaders regarding this analysis. These methods are based on well-established scientific principles.  Whether you agree with this representation of your brand or not, it is representative of what the Generative AI engines are saying about you and your competition, and critical to know. In addition, BrandRank.AI provides recommendations to improve outcomes and proactive crisis management.

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