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Ashish Chatterjee


BrandRank.AI Appoints Ashish Chatterjee as Chief Sustainability Advisor

April 24, 2024.  CINCINNATI, OH  – Former Procter & Gamble Executive to Drive Sustainability Measurement at Innovative Startup to Monitor Brand Alignment 

BrandRank.AI, an innovative startup at the intersection of generative AI and brand alignment, is proud to announce the appointment of Ashish Chatterjee as its Chief Sustainability Advisor. Mr. Chatterjee brings a wealth of experience in consumer brands, innovation, sustainability, and supply chain management from his distinguished career at Procter & Gamble.

In his new role, Ashish will provide strategic guidance and counsel on the development and implementation of BrandRank.AI's sustainability analysis, ensuring that the company's AI-driven expertise helps brands understand and optimize their presence in Generative AI.

"We are thrilled to have Ashish join our team as Chief Sustainability Advisor," said Pete Blackshaw, CEO of BrandRank.AI. "His extensive experience in driving sustainable innovation and managing global supply chains will be invaluable as we continue to develop AI-driven analysis with human-centered expertise that promote trust, sustainability, and service excellence in the brand-building process."

Co-founder and COO Hank Hudepohl added, "Ashish's expertise and global perspective will help us further our mission to empower brands to address the Brand Alignment challenge that many companies face in a world of Generative AI prompting - where there's often a divide between Brand promise and the mirror of Generative AI."

Commenting on his appointment, Ashish Chatterjee said, "I'm honored to join BrandRank.AI at this pivotal time in the company's growth. I'm excited to work with Pete, Hank, and the entire team to drive innovative and sustainable solutions that will benefit our clients and raise additional awareness about Sustainability best practices while providing insights on Generative AI."

Ashish's accomplishments at Procter & Gamble include leading product innovation, identifying new global suppliers, and influencing external forums to evaluate frameworks for measuring greenhouse gas emissions in material supply chains.


About BrandRank.AI

BrandRank.AI's mission is to help brands measure, protect, and grow trust through the power of AI-driven search and discovery, particularly in high-consequence areas such as trust, sustainability, product performance, supply chain integrity, and service. By teaching brands to think and act like algorithms, BrandRank.AI offers brand leaders a critical advantage in safeguarding against vulnerabilities and propelling growth in the new era of Search 2.0.


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Illy Comes Out on Top


A Fresh Pour of Insight: BrandRank.AI’s Scorecard Reveals What’s Brewing in Coffee Sustainability

April 22, 2024.  CINCINNATI, OH  – BrandRank.AI, an innovative start-up at the intersection of generative AI, brand trust, and human-centered expertise, announces the release of its first Green Scorecard – starting with sustainability practices of the coffee industry. As detailed in their latest white paper, "Prompting Your Green Truth: Brand Alignment in the Age of AI Transparency," this tool marks a significant step towards analyzing and scoring what generative AI engines are saying about brands’ sustainability practices.


BrandRank.AI, which monitors the sophisticated algorithms of AI systems including Claude,,, Anthropic,, Google Gemini, and ChatGPT, analyzed major coffee brands across eight critical sustainability areas: Energy Management, Water Stewardship, Circular Economy, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Protection, Pollution Prevention, Sustainable Sourcing and Materials, Product Lifecycle Management, and and Compliance.


The scorecard identified Illy as a top performer, excelling in sustainable sourcing and materials management. Blue Bottle Coffee garnered the second spot. Conversely, brands like Maxwell House and Dunkin’ Donuts scored lower, indicating either significant room for improvement in their sustainability practices or the need to better communicate their efforts. Other brands considered in the analysis included Startbucks, Nespresso, Lavazza, Peet’s Coffee, Caribou Coffee, Keurig, Costa Coffee, Nescafe, Tully’s Coffee, Tim Horton’s, and McDonald’s McCafe.


According to a recent study conducted by BrandRank.AI and EMI Research Solutions , 40% of consumers said they would consider generative AI (GAI) recommendations for purchase decisions (April 2024).


"AI search is the ultimate mirror, reflecting a brand's commitment to sustainability at multiple levels. In some cases, the entire supply chain is laid bare for all to see,” said Pete Blackshaw, founder and CEO of BrandRank.AI.  “While not perfect, AI search is getting better and more precise — even around carbon footprints — every day. We use advanced algorithms to evaluate brand sustainability claims against findings derived from AI search tools."


This Scorecard is the beginning of a series of assessments that BrandRank.AI plans to publish, aimed at increasing transparency and guiding better corporate practices across various sectors. Future scorecards will continue to both challenge and assist companies in refining their strategies to meet evolving consumer habits around purchase decision making.


About BrandRank.AI

BrandRank.AI's mission is to help brands measure, protect, and grow trust through the power of AI-driven search and discovery, particularly in high-consequence areas such as trust, sustainability, product performance, supply chain integrity, and service. By teaching brands to think and act like algorithms, BrandRank.AI offers brand leaders a critical advantage in safeguarding against vulnerabilities and propelling growth in the new era of Search 2.0.


For further information on the Green Scorecard and to access the full white paper, please visit


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Matt Cox


BrandRank.AI Appoints Matt Cox as Chief Technology Officer

April 19, 2024.  CINCINNATI, OH —  BrandRank.AI Appoints Matt Cox as Chief Technology Officer

Matt Cox brings over two decades of software engineering experience to drive the development of AI-driven solutions for prompting brand truth

Cincinnati, Ohio - BrandRank.AI, an innovative AI-driven startup at the intersection of Generative-AI and consumer brand engagement, is pleased to announce the appointment of Matt Cox as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). With over two decades of experience in software engineering, Matt will lead BrandRank.AI's efforts to develop cutting-edge AI solutions for brands looking to enhance their digital presence.

Matt's impressive career includes key roles at Toast and TripAdvisor. At Toast, he played a pivotal role in the initial rollout of the Toast Delivery Service (TDS), enabling restaurants to offer direct delivery services during the COVID-19 pandemic. At TripAdvisor, Matt was a leader in the Experiences business unit, helping expand the company's offerings and improve user engagement globally.

"We're thrilled to welcome Matt to the BrandRank.AI team as our CTO," said Pete Blackshaw, Founder and CEO of BrandRank.AI. "His wealth of experience in software engineering and AI solutions, along with his proven track record of delivering innovative products, will be instrumental in driving our mission to help brands excel in an AI-driven world."

Hank Hudepohl, Co-Founder and COO of BrandRank.AI, added, "Having worked with Matt during our time at TripAdvisor, I am confident that his expertise and leadership will be invaluable as we continue to develop AI-driven solutions that redefine how brands optimize their digital presence."

"I'm excited to join BrandRank.AI at a time when AI is transforming the way brands engage with their customers," said Matt Cox, CTO of BrandRank.AI. "I look forward to working with Pete, Hank, and the rest of the team to create innovative solutions that will empower brands to thrive in this new digital landscape."

About BrandRank.AI

Founded by Pete Blackshaw and Hank Hudepohl, BrandRank.AI is an innovative startup that combines AI and brand alignment expertise to provide actionable insights for brands. The company is rapidly developing a suite of products and services to help brands manage and lead in an AI-driven world, addressing important issues such as trust, sustainability, and service excellence. BrandRank.AI is a SaaS platform positioned to give Brand leaders an unfair advantage to protect against vulnerabilities and win growth opportunities in the "new SEO" of Search 2.0. As generative AI reshapes traditional web search dynamics, brands must adopt algorithmic thinking and strategies.  

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Dr. Kelly Cohen


BrandRank.AI Appoints Dr. Kelly Cohen as Chief Scientific Advisor

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March 27, 2024.  CINCINNATI, OH — Today BrandRank.AI proudly announces Dr Kelly Cohen as Chief Scientific Advisor. This unites BrandRank.AI's cutting-edge AI-driven brand management strategies with Dr. Cohen's extensive expertise in fuzzy logic AI systems and "Responsible AI." This partnership is set to redefine how brands win against the evolving challenges and opportunities of the digital age at such a critically important time given the rise of generative AI search engines like Gemini, Perplexity, Grok, Anthropic, and ChatGPT.

Dr. Cohen , the Brian H. Rowe Endowed Chair in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Cincinnati, is a nationally recognized expert in the AI field. With a prestigious career highlighted by numerous awards for teaching and research excellence, he's been instrumental in advancing aerospace engineering and education. He's also a founding member of "AI for Humans" and "The Cincinnati AI Catalyst" initiatives. He's also playing a critical role at UC Digital Futures facility, showcasing his leadership in securing grants and pushing the boundaries of AI research and application.

"It's an exhilarating opportunity to bring my AI expertise to BrandRank.AI. I'm eager to dive into the intersection of AI innovation and brand trust and contribute to pioneering metrics that will shape the future of brand management. Working with Pete and Hank brings the very best out of me as I creatively and boldly apply my AI methodologies to the new and exciting domain of brand ranking analysis” said Dr. Cohen.

Pete Blackshaw, CEO of BrandRank.AI and former head of the startup accelerator and fund Cintrifuse, noted the ambitious goals of this partnership: “We aim to explore bold AI innovations at the branding and trust nexus. Dr. Cohen's expertise in diagnostic, predictive, and 'black box' metrics is critical to our success.”

BrandRank.AI is committed to equipping businesses with the insights and tools necessary to navigate the era of generative AI, focusing on the vital $200 billion search market and its influence on brand perception across essential dimensions like trust, #sustainability, product performance,

#supplychain integrity, and service. Products include "Brand Promise Calibration," "Brand Vulnerability” audits, "AI-informed Brand Archetype Analysis," and "Adversarial AI."

Hank Hudepohl, co-founder, COO/Chief Product Officer of BrandRank.AI, and former VP at Tripadvisor and Paycor, praised the partnership with Dr. Cohen.   “Dr. Cohen’s addition marks a significant milestone for us. His innovative mindset and curiosity are precisely what we need to establish rigor in our methodology and explore new frontiers in AI brand analysis.”


About BrandRank.AI

BrandRank.AI is at the forefront of utilizing artificial intelligence to revolutionize brand management strategies, offering a suite of products and services designed to help businesses effectively navigate the digital landscape influenced by AI technologies. For more information, visit


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