Do you know what AI search engines are saying about your brand? 


Empowering Brand Leaders

BrandRank.AI is a SaaS platform that monitors your brand across all major and emerging generative AI search engines. We identify crucial vulnerabilities and deliver actionable insights, empowering brands to optimize key interactions that drive purchasing decisions and shape their reputation.

Search is Changing

Many brands are unprepared for the disruption coming to the $200 billion search market. It's what we call the "Prompted Moment of Truth," where a single generative AI (GAI) search response can significantly influence a consumer's purchase. 

To win in an AI-search world, brands need to understand, think, and act like algorithms.

We Are BrandRank.AI

Combining deep AI and Brand expertise with proprietary prompt analysis, sophisticated math heuristics, and “human in the loop” interpretation, we analyze high-consequence areas such as brand vulnerability, product performance, data and AI usage, sustainability claims, supply chains, and service. 




Brand Health


Brand Promise


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"Brands that move with purpose toward Generative AI search right now will have a considerable advantage over those who wait on the sidelines." 

~ Pete Blackshaw, CEO, BrandRank.AI

Can you think like an algorithm? 

Try "Prompt Quest" - We asked blended GAI "If [brand] were an animal, what would it be?

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