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To win in an AI world, brands need to understand, think, and act like algorithms. 

The mission of BrandRank.AI is to empower businesses with the insights and guidance they need to protect and grow their brands in the age of generative AI.  We are initially focused on the $200 billion search market industry and how the AI search experience will impact brands. We monitor how brands are perceived in the digital ecosystem, especially in must-win areas such as trust, sustainability, product performance, supply chain integrity, and service. 

The consumer shift away from "search" and toward "prompt" has consequences for brand discovery and truth. This is not a choice. It is an imperative.  What was once a page of links — the search result —  is now an influential conversation.  

Introducing BrandRank.AI:

Founder and CEO Pete Blackshaw 

The BrandRank.AI Product

BrandRank.AI offers a subscription platform and consultative insight that combines data analytics + "human in the loop" intel for CMOs, market managers, and brand stewards.  We are touch points of thought leadership for your brand leaders, and passionate advocates for responsible AI. 

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Prompting Your Green Truth:  Brand Alignment in the Age of AI Transparency

"Green" Paper

In the rapid advancement of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) is heralding a new era of "radical transparency" for brands and companies. This paper investigates the role of Generative AI in addressing brand vulnerability within sustainability practices. As applications such as ChatGPT (OpenAI), Gemini (Google), Claude (Anthropic), Grok (X), Perplexity, and Pi drive brands toward more transparent environmental claims, the analysis focuses on the dual impact of AI in enhancing brand accountability and exposing discrepancies between stated practices and accessible/visible performance, a discipline we call Brand Alignment. A case study on the coffee industry demonstrates how AI is reshaping public perceptions, particularly how sustainability content, when made accessible and liquid, can register against consumer or shopper queries.

Additionally, we examine the unique dynamics of AI-driven search platforms that often deliver a single, authoritative response — what we dub the “Prompted Moment of Truth” — which can significantly amplify brand benefits or penalties around sustainability claims. In this context, precise and honest communication about sustainability becomes crucial, a key factor in an era that demands radical transparency. We also underscore the need to embrace “boring basics” like ensuring brand websites generously respond to consumer questions and search queries, or house sustainability metrics in more “bot-friendly” formats.

Brand Vulnerability in the Age of AI Search 

White Paper

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the essential gateway to information via search, ushering in a significant paradigm shift with both challenges and opportunities. This white paper explores the AI-driven search landscape, providing technology professionals and brand builders with insights to effectively harness this change. As AI reshapes search—a $200 billion market—it's imperative to comprehend its effects on brand reputation and the web ecosystem. This paper offers strategies to pivot AI challenges into opportunities while highlighting the critical influence of brand stewards in steering AI to protect and bolster brand reputation.