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Please see below for an opportunity to join our Talent Pool.  Ahead of that, please review our company culture at BrandRank.AI. 

The culture at BrandRank.AI follows 3 simple principles:

We move fast with a bias toward action.

This is sometimes misunderstood. Moving fast is not license to create chaos. Moving fast is not license to do 10 things poorly or produce work that we are not going to be proud of. It is about de-risking delivery and lowering investment and working on rapid iterations. It is also about keeping focus on the right priorities -- making sure our orientation is on the right work at the right time.

We encourage kindness and collaboration.

Should be self-explanatory. We look for collaborative people with a growth mindset. The #1 attribute of successful teamwork is trust. Trust begins with kindness and openness to other ways of thinking, and then aligning on actions. This is the essence of a team. Even AI has a say here: one of the benefits of AI recording assistants is the ability to report out % of time each speaker talks in a meeting. That can be a humbling reminder to keep practicing the art of listening more and talking less. 

We encourage bold thinking.

Bring a competitive edge and a desire to accomplish great things. Play for the championship. Tackle the big challenges. Customers rely on positive outcomes that make them better, not the status quo. It is a privilege to have their trust. Complacency is the death of innovation. We are a safe place to push boundaries and test your limits. 

Join the BrandRank.AI team

While we are not yet officially hiring, we are assembling a Talent Pool for anyone interested in considering a role up ahead.  Roles will be across engineering, product, content management, and other disciplines.  Pl;ease complete this short form below to indicate your interest:

We e will review the Talent Pool submissions and give early consideration for these opportunities.